Commercial and Leisure Cleaning Services in Liverpool and the North West

Ensure that your business premises is spotless with North Western Hygiene. Serving Liverpool and the North West, our skilled cleaners offer top-class commercial and leisure cleaning services that'll keep your property in top condition. Whatever your industry, commercial, hospitality, or leisure, we can provide you with unrivalled cleaning solutions. 

Commercial and Warehouse Services

While it’s true that offices require thorough cleaning services, the same is also true of warehouses and transportation – including planes, trains, and buses. These environments become especially dangerous when debris is not cleared and standards of hygiene are not upheld. At North Western Hygiene, our staff are trained in health and safety precautions. Plus, our team wears appropriate PPE at all times. From commercial floor vacuuming, mopping, and polishing to rack cleaning and debris removal, we’ll work tirelessly while using eco-friendly products to meet all BS/EN standards. Certificates are available upon request.

Hospitality Services

Restaurants, kitchens, clubs, and nightclubs are a speciality of North Western Hygiene. Working flexibly, we accommodate the out-of-hours and 24-hour coverage businesses such as these require. Your enterprise is important, so let our highly trained staff ensure you keep making a profit.

Working with You

Efficient and accommodating, our teams will work around your schedule – allowing you to carry on focusing on day-to-day operations. Simply hire our team and you’ll always be confident that your premises is polished, clean, and attractive. Say “so long!” to sticky feet on nightclub floors, and say “hello!” to hygienically mastered interiors.

Sports and Leisure

From football stadiums to gyms, changing rooms, floors, common areas, and club rooms, North Western Hygiene has the experience, manpower, and skills needed to take care of everything. We’ll clean up the sweat and tears, leaving areas pristine and enjoyable for members, spectators, guests, and patrons alike.

Personalised Service

We appreciate the value of tailored, personalised services at North Western Hygiene. That’s why, when you choose our capable services, we’ll provide you with a dedicated account manager. This friendly face will be your direct point of contact – ensuring communications are straightforward and hassle-free.